Gallery Invasion

Gallery Invasion

‘Gallery Invasion’ was an experimental project with dynamic projection mapping we created in October 2016.
The project was custom made in our gallery in Leuven (Belgium). The video went viral and had over 20 million views on Facebook alone and it was featured by pages like LAD bible and Bored Panda.

The original idea was to create an animation where a miniature burglar breaks into a jewelry shop, but as Antoon has his own Art gallery we knew there would be a lot of trials or errors involved, so the gallery was an ideal environment for us to test and start playing with the mirror head. Antoon has made quite a few paintings with monkeys, so we decided early on that this would be a great protagonist because the monkey could jump from painting to painting and move around in the gallery.

““Gallery Invasion” is an experimental dynamic projection which transforms a static exhibition into a lively space, filled with different creatures. Concept creators Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeeck say that they want to develop stories with stunning bespoke visuals and find new ways to surprise their audience. This time they certainly did!’’ by Bored Panda.


Directed and animated by Filip Sterckx
Concept by Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck
Paintings by Antoon Verbeeck
3D modeling by Birgit Sterckx
Sounddesign by Roundhouse
Mocap actor: Nicolas Vanhole
Created with the Mirror Head and MDC-X by Dynamic Projection Institute (

Events and exhibitions

Leuven, Belgium (2016)
Leuven, Belgium Lichtparcours (December 2018)


Bored Panda:
Panasonic Business
Essential Install
Digital AV magazine
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