King Sprong

King Sprong

The lightfestival of Ghent asked us to create a projection to announce the festival. For over a month, the gorilla was climbing the 90 meter tall building at the station of Ghent from dusk until dawn.
Over 800.000 visitors came to the festival and discovered 37 light installations spread across the city.

“Over the years we’ve become known for our minimappings, but when the city of Ghent asked us to create a project to
announce their upcoming lightfestival, we decided to make a massive gorilla climb a 90-meter-tall building!”




Concept by Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck
Directed by Filip Sterckx
3D modeling + animation: Paulina Zybinska

Events and Exhibitions

Ghent, Belgium Lichtfestival 2018
Leuven, Belgium Lichtparcours Museum-M (December 2018)


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