Le Petit Chef went on a holiday and prepared Pina Coladas, santé!

‘Cocktailfactory’ is a projection onto a specially designed bar-sculpture. Three miniature characters prepare a Pina Colada surrounded by a jungle and an active volcano!

After the premiere at our studio in Leuven (Belgium), the installation was set up at Anima, the animation festival
in Brussels and afterwards the installation was shipped to Hong Kong and a second one to Bali.


Concept by Filip Sterckx + Antoon Verbeeck
Directed by Filip Sterckx
3D Modeling + Animation: Filip Sterckx, Antoon Verbeeck, Birgit Sterckx and Paulina Zybinska,
Sounddesign: Jannes Jaspers
Actors: Margot Vyverman, Anissa Zahiz, Birgit Sterckx

Locations & Events

– Bali – Melia Resort 2018
– Anima Festival 2018
– Hong Kong 2018